Hydrotherapy & Warm Water Swimming

New Hydrotherapy & Warm Water Swimming program

At Pawsitively Pooched, we believe every dog deserves health, happiness and comfort regardless of their age or physical limitations. Paws now offers a custom Hydrotherapy & warm water swimming program to help your pooch feel happy, relaxed, and in tip-top shape.

Our focus






Our Hydrotherapy & warm water swimming program includes the following:

Warm water aquatic exercise

A fun and comfortable way to build muscle and improve strength and endurance, drain excess energy, recover from injuries or procedures, & gain confidence in the water. Some advantages of Warm Water Swimming & Hydrotherapy are
  • Improved muscle strength & maintenance
  • Relief of swelling & stiffness
  • Better balance & coordination
  • Alternative, fun energy burn
  • Freedom of motion for dogs that are unable to move well on their own
  • Reduction of pain while in the water

Consultation & First Swim

Our program also includes a personalized one-on-one consultation to create a  plan that will best suit your dog's needs. This appointment is $85, 1 hour long, and includes:

  • First swim session with 2 hydrotherapists
  • Introduction into the pool
  • Overall body examination, range of motion assessment, muscle & joint evaluation & more


1 session


3 Sessions


1 session donated to Paws for a Cause!

6 Sessions


2 sessions donated to Paws for a Cause!

12 Sessions


Call us at (403) 241-5030 or schedule a swimming appointment online.