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Voted Calgary's best dog daycare and best place to spoil your dog! Established in 2005, Pawsitively Pooched was inspired by the love and compassion that so many of us feel for our loyal four-legged best friends. Our goal is to offer a facility that exceeds owners' expectations, a facility that cares for the dogs and clients as though they are a part of the family.

We follow a unique methodical approach to structured daycare, grooming, and recreational & therapeutic warm water swimming. Our staff are trained and certified in first aid, grooming, anatomy, obedience training, hydrotherapy and more. Our facility has over 3,300 sq ft indoor and 700 sq ft outdoor green space. It is located in NW Calgary by Confederation Park. Come in for a tour!

We turned 11 this year! Stop by Paws and celebrate with us! Swimming in our warm water pool is a great way to exercise, burn calories, stay in shape, decrease inflammation, and pre-op, post-op rehab for our young & senior pups!


Erin - Owner

Erin's love for dogs has always been strong, but her passion, dedication & love made owning a dog daycare an obvious choice. She is dedicated to making Pawsitively Pooched the best place to bring your dog in Canada, with the best customer service, & care like customers would give their dogs at home. She loves Bernese Mountain Dogs, but also has a soft spot for French Bulldogs. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her son, husband & family dog Toby.


Amber - General Manager

Always having an interest in dogs, Amber's first daycare job sparked her true love & dedication for the industry. Since then Amber has completed courses in vet studies, dog training, grooming, & specialized course on aggression & fearful dogs. She is certified in Pet first aid & Animal behavior & Welfare. In her spare time she loves to take her dogs Stella & Willie to the mountains to hike, Kayak, SUP, & camp. Her dedication to bettering the business, & bubbly personality make her an integral part of the Pawsitively Pooched team.


Melissa - Operations Manager

Melissa came to daycare with a passion to deliver the best care for dogs, and an interest in all things dog behavior related. She's currently finishing up a pysch degree, with hopes to further her education further in the future. In her spare time, she loves to play with her cat, TJ, hike, and read. Melissa is a vital part of the Pawsitively Pooched with her patience, dedication & gentle personality.


Jason - Trainer/ Canine Care Specialist

Jason's love for dog training brought him into daycares, where he worked hard to learn as much as he could, recently getting certified as a dog trainer. He finds passion in helping owners build strong bonds with their dogs through positive reinforcement training, and helping dogs reach their potential. In his spare time, he loves hanging out with his son, Xander, and family, and taking his 3 dogs out for walks. With his hard work ethic, and passion for training, Jason is an integral part of the Pawsitively Pooched team.


Raina - Groomer/Canine Care Specialist

Loving dog's happy-go-lucky attitudes, and admiring how happy they are to see everyone, Raina ventured into the grooming world, striving to help dogs look & feel great after their grooms. She soon started in the daycare department as well, helping provide a structured, fun day for all our canine clients. In her spare time, she loves going to the mountains, and hiking. Raina's dedication & love for the job make her a fundamental part of the Pawsitively Pooched team.


Amy - Veterinary Technologist

Amy graduated from the Olds College Animal Health Technology program in 2008. She has a special interest in the comfort and mobility of dogs which lead her to further education in the field. Amy obtained her Certification as a Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) from the University of Tennessee. She enjoys spending her time doing assisted swimming, laser therapy and balance/strengthening work with various canine friends.


Lola - Grooming Manager

In 2004, Lola moved to Alberta where she began showing and handling her own 2 dogs. It was then that she sought formal grooming training. During this time, she also earned a BA in English, and continued to work and learn as a groomer throughout her studies. Lola is dedicated to performing outstanding grooms, and working with nervous or older dogs during their grooms. Her gentle demeanour and patience make her an essential part of the Pawsitively Pooched Team.


Alisa - Canine Care Specialist/ Bather

Alisa's love for dogs started when she was young, leading her to start volunteering with Pawsitively Pooched, shortly after coming onto the team as a canine care specialist. Her caring personality & organization skills ventured her into the grooming department, when she is a part time bather. She loves to spend her time with her dog, as well as doing yoga, writing & doing photography. Though bully breeds are her favorite, she has a soft spot for chihuahuas as well. Alisa quickly became a fundamental part of the Pawsitively Pooched team.


Peeta - Canine Care Specialist

Always having pets growing up, it was a natural path for Peeta to start in daycares. His desire to learn & love for dogs helped him become an excellent care giver for any nervous dogs. He loves to spend his time with his dog Vinny & his 5 cats, play video games, read & draw. Peeta also volunteers at the Meow foundation once a week. His dedication, hard work & positive attitude make Peeta a key part of the Pawsitively Pooched team.


Kayla - Groomer

Kayla has always loved dogs, and being creative, this led her to grooming, where she continually strives to create hair master pieces on all her client's dogs. She is dedicated to ensuring all her grooms are top quality, and that she provides the best customer service. Her favorite breed to groom is the Shih Tzu, and her favorite dog breed is the Irish wolfhound.

Paws in the Press

Dealscore of 83. Ranked #1 dog daycare in Calgary. Voted as the Best Place to Spoil your pets in Calgary in 2009 and 2013. Loved by over 3,000 pooches and parents. Established in 2005, over eight years of expertise.

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